Mark Dougan

When my wife and I were just friends in college (but considering more), I knew my heart was in youth ministries. She wasn't so sure it was the place for her, but I knew she would be good at it. See, the problem was…how could I date my future wife if her life direction was overseas? So, Jennifer and I started volunteering in local youth programs; it didn't take long for her to be hooked.

In 1994, I started my first part-time paid youth ministry position and had a few years of large church experience. We ran two Sunday morning youth services called God Rock Café, among other responsibilities. In 1996, I graduated from Northwestern College, now University of Northwestern-St Paul, with a double major in Bible and Youth Ministries. In 1997, I accepted my first full-time youth ministry position at Galilee Baptist Church, now Living Faith Church. Coming to Galilee was a young youth pastor’s dream. I had a number of adult volunteers who wanted to continue to be involved, and eager teens.

It's been a great adventure over these years. There's nothing better than walking with youth as they grow in a friendship with God. Christ gives purpose and direction in my life, and what a joy it is to see him to do the same in others.